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We are chasers of trophy fish (Leviathans if you will). We devote as much time as we can to the thrill of the hunt, the success, and the failure of fishing the waters of Northern Minnesota. We are stewards of the land and water. Conservation is a top priority to us because the future of tomorrow is what we decide today. Catch-Photo-Release is practiced along with selective harvest.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Waiting on Ellen

It will be February 5th tomorrow. Baby Ellen's due date!!  She isn't here yet and Steph and I go into the doctor tomorrow and discuss our options. In the meantime, I have been sticking close to home. Literally 1 block from the apartment. I have been out fishing with good friend, Tony Klaers, in his permanent fish house. He is set up in 19ft of water and is doing ok out there. Lots of perch, tullibees, and walleyes. No giants yet but, good consistent fun!

I'm really starting to get into tullibee fishing! I went out one afternoon with Matt Breuer (North Country Guide Service) for a tulliee clinic. What a BLAST!!! We didn't get massive numbers of fish but, we ice 8 total in a couple of hours. Fishing over 50ft of water and fish marking anywhere from 42ft down to 12ft below the ice and getting them to chase was a new experience for me!

Once my daughter is here and settled I will able to get back other some more. We are fast approaching burbot peak and that is when this get super fun! Late nights and big fish! Stay tuned for that! I love late Feb/early March. We have burbot on the prowl and the panfish really start turning on!

Thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment! Patrick

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